Engrade Takes your Gradebook Online

A friend of mine told me about a handy website for the teaching community. http://www.engrade.com allows you to keep track of grades and attendance and share them with your students or other educators and administrators. The concept is pretty simple, register for a free account with Engrade and create a class. Then add students to the class. Engrade also let’s you create a custom grading system where you can add different categories to the grading criteria and even give them different weights or priorities for each category.

After you’ve created your class you can add assignments, and track your student’s performance. Engrade also has a reporting functionality that gives you the following report types: an overall average of each category, attendance reports and missing assignment reports which can all be exported to Excel or printed. Engrade also allows students and parents to register for the site with an id created by the the teacher so that they can view their progress. Other features include a calendar module that let’s you post assignments, tests and lessons for each day of the class. Engrade even has it’s own messaging functionality that allows you to communicate with individual students or the entire class.

Since I’ve moved my gradebook to engrade, generating gradebooks and grades has never been simpler. I highly recommend Engrade for teachers on any level. Check out the link below and give it a try.


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