Podcasting in The Classroom

Podcasting is a way of easily distributing a series of audio or video files on the internet. (it can also be used to distribute PDF documents.) How can you use podcasting in Education? On this site you will find a few ideas, but these are just a few ideas for podcasting in the classroom. Really any activity that involves oral presentation can probably be adapted to create a podcast series.  For more information about creating a podcast, read on! You may have already used audio and video in your class. Is that podcasting? Almost, but technically, no. For an audio or video file to be a podcast, two things have to happen. First, the file has to be online. That means it’s stored on a publicly-addressable server. It could be stored on your school’s server, or you could purchase server space through a number of services. Second, your file needs to be available as part of a subscription. The second step can be a little more complicated, but luckily there are many free services that will help you create the subscription file. Listed below, you will find several resources that you might find helpful on the technical aspects of creating a podcast. Remember that there are many, many ways of creating and publishing a podcast using different programs, services, and tools. Look at several to find one with which you are comfortable.

  • Podcasting 101 – Learn how to create your own podcast in 4 easy steps.
  • Podcasts from the Laptop Lounge – Educational podcast series brought to you by the Laptop Lounge
  • Wikipedia: Podcasts – Online encyclopedia entry for podcasting, includes both information about what a podcast is as well as additional resources.

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