Washington Post: In Schools, a Firewall That Works Too Well

I’m posting this article in response to a discussion started in my LinkedIn Group “Social Media In Education” one of the group members started a discussion about filtering internet access and how it affects the student learnign experience.  After the  question was inititally posted I responded with my opinion on the matter. Namely, that filtering is not really an issue in the post secondary arena.  The group member who originally started the discussion is from the UK and works primarily with primary school-aged children (5-11) and posted that it is a major concern in the UK. So I decided to do some more research to see if I could get a better understanding of the issue in the US. Unfortunately like so many areas of education the US seems to be lagging behind Europe. I found this article in the Washington Post that implies that teachers suffer more from overzealous filtering than the students do. Citing that many students are familiar with back doors and proxy services that will allow them to bypass the school firewall altogether. Read the Washington Post article on the subject.

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