Why Tiger Woods and Twitter Could Change Education

I’m attaching a link to a post on TechCrunch about the effectiveness of the internet and Twitter as a news medium. Specifically, it explains the relationship of these “instant gratification” mediums and the death of the newspaper. Put succinctly, Twitter and the internet were able to get this story out much faster than even CNN and ESPN could. I actually got the ESPN update that he was released from the hospital as I was writing this post, just 40 minutes after I read it on Twitter and 10 minutes after I started writing this post. The ability to disseminate information so quickly effectively renders newspapers obsolete. This is the allure of social networking as an educational tool, the ability to start a dialog and involve people en masse. Imagine being to engage students with the same effectiveness. To allow them to share information and ideas in real time and start a debate that gets students talking and thinking and hopefully learning. As social networking becomes an integral part of our societal landscape, as educators we have to find to use tools like Twitter and Facebook to reach students where they live. Read the full article at TechCrunch

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