Strategies for Preparing Your Institution for the Digital Age #in

One of the things that is sorely lacking in the Education industry (and make no bones about it, it is an “industry”) is a comprehensive plan for using technology to improve the educational experience for learners. It’s quite a strange dichotomy that so many schools are behind the curve, yet we are releasing graduates into the job market sometimes completely unprepared for the techological environment they’re going to encounter. I propose that either at a grassroots level involving teachers ,or from the top down from administration there should be a concerted effort to examine the current and emerging technologies and be proactive in finding ways to incorporate them into the classroom. Duke University, agrees with me and they’ve actually created a position called a “Digital Strategist” to address this pressing need. The Chronicle of Higher Education conducted an interview with Paolo Mangiafico who’s been given the responsibility for their institution. It’s a short article but one that gets you thinking about ways to possibly get the ball rolling at your school. Read the interview here.

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