eLearning Curve: A “Complete” List of Open Source and Free To Use Software

This comes from the eLearning Curve blog. It’s a list of over 30 eLearning development tools. The blog post claims the list is “complete”, while it’s a nice list I know that it’s hardly exhaustive, however it is a great starting point. There’s always a new piece of software or another website trying to mimic or improve on what’s already out there, but this collection of tools is as good a starting point as any. If you are interested in developing elearning content take a look at what’s listed here and go forward from there. Happy developing folks. http://bit.ly/4xw42J


2 responses to “eLearning Curve: A “Complete” List of Open Source and Free To Use Software

  1. Hi Phil,
    Thanks for them mention; when I stated that the list was “complete” I meant that I had completed my list, rather than it being a comprehensive list of OSS e-learning development apps. I appreciate that this could be misconstrued, so I will clarify in the post body.
    Best regards,
    Michael Hanley
    (Author, the E-Learning Curve Blog)

    • Michael, no problem thanks for posting the list. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

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