Karl Kapp: Creating Assessment Questions That Measure Performance #in

Here’s an interesting post from Karl Kapp’s blog. Although this post has nothing to do with social media,Web 2.0,  online learning, virtual learning or eLearning, I thought it might be useful. At the end of the day, I’m an educator and as such I’m always loooking for anything that will help me a better teacher. This short post, I thought was a good one, there are also links to similar resources and after I read this post and thought it could be useful to other teachers. Enjoy:

“While knowledge assessments have become more and more popular both in business and academia, there are still issues with the creation of valid and reliable test questions. It is imperative that an assessment item actually measure knowledge and potential performance.  The goal is to create a test question that is linked to the objective of the training and that measures the right level of learning.” Link


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