Use Howcast to Attain and Retain Information #in #edtech #mobiletech #socialmedia

As a Computer Networking Instructor,and as a teacher in general, I have two main responsibilities to my students and future technicians…giving them the tools to Attain and Retain knowledge and I think Howcast will help me do just that.

I was actually testing out the Android browser Skyfire when I stumbled across this and I thought it was really worth posting. Howcast, for the initiated is a website that hosts only one type of videos. How To videos. They’ve got a wide variety If topics from Arts and Crafts to Multimedia and Technology. I immediately thought of 2 ways I could use this site in class so I decided to look into it further.

First, I went to the Technology section and went to see if I could find anything relevant. I found a video on expanding a wireless network, I’m teaching a networking class And posted it to the class blog. I’ll let my students have a run at it on Monday in lab. I looked for other videos on networking and found a few more I will be using for future labs. I’m also thinking about having the class produce a video as an advanced lab. Viola! 1) I used it as a research resource to attain information and 2) I can use it as a vehicle to retaining knowledge by allowing the students to gain hands on experience by performing a technical task , and reinforcing the lesson by allowing them to explain the task in their own words and relive the experience to help them remember the experience. And it has the added benefit of not being as distracting as YouTube might be. Have a look for yourself.


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