U of California Resuscitates the Master Plan via @huffingtonpost

by Anya Kamenetz – Huffington Post

Yesterday the University of California made a groundbreaking announcement that has the potential to break the tuition cost crisis and finally deliver the crucial benefits of higher education to millions of Americans and to tens of millions who demand it and deserve it around the world. They are putting $5 to $6 million into a pilot project to create online versions of courses with an eye toward eventually creating completely online degree programs.

More than one in four US college students already take at least one online class. So why is this an important announcement?

Because a public university system is declaring that it will innovate its way out of recession, and even more importantly, that it will not cede the banner of innovation to the for-profit sector that is encroaching more and more on public higher education’s territory. Read Full Story


2 responses to “U of California Resuscitates the Master Plan via @huffingtonpost

  1. As one who teaches online courses & in fully online programs, I have one question-

    What happens when they realize that quality “online courses” are not cheaper (especially for gen ed / pit lecture courses)?

  2. Isn’t there some long term benefit in terms of making the curriculum available and essentially portable and more profitable? What about savings benefits derived from student research also being made available to other students and researchers and prospective students. Also we are helping to create technologically literate students as well as this a highly sought after and necessary skill for both their academic and professional careers.

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